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Nabatara Institute Of Astrology is an ISO : 9001: 2015 Certified Autonomous Institutions Regd. Under Trust Act 1882 and certified by Ministry of Human Resource Development (C.R) Act 1959.

Registration No : IV – 190305009

A study of the positions and relationships of the Sun, Moon, Stars, and Planets in order to judge their influence on human actions is called Astrology.


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    Welcome To Nabatara

    Established in the year 2011 by Mr. Gaurav Tribedi, the pioneer astrologer & tantrik of the modern era, had a definitive vision for Nabatara Institute of Astrology. We, at Nabatara, have set our vision and aim from the very beginning – to hone the craft of this generation and bring out the best astrologer & tantrik in India. Today, our Nabatara Institute of Astrology has come a long way from its initial days, and has developed itself efficiently in the field of Astrology, Tantra & Spiritualism. A pioneer Organization named ” NABATARA” which is the best known place to provide all kinds of Astrological & Tantra Services, Solutions, Social Development through Education and women empowerment, Research work in a most scientific way for the benefit of common people ” under one roof. “

    About Our Founder

    Being a famous astrologer in India himself, Mr. Gaurav Tribedi has enlightened many confused souls in the country with his enigmatic reading and astrological services.. From famous personalities, celebrities to the common man, to those discussing his words in across every part of the country, people everywhere approach Mr. Gaurav Tribedi for taking advice and learn new things about themselves. He started Nabatara Institute of Astrology to teach, lecture and lead all the budding astrologers, tantriks in India and tailored them to make a career in the field of astrology & spiritualism and help the people in need. He has a rich list of clientele who are thriving in their personal lives and other endeavours. A gem person, down to earth and completely professional, Mr. Tribedi’s achievements and contributions in the astrology & tantra division has made him one of the renowned faces in Indian Astrology.

    Mr. Gaurav Tribedi cares about his followers and it can be seen in his style of work which is always warm and engaging. Our founder tries to fill optimism in the clients who seek him for assistance. They often wonder and ask him, ” How can you be so accurate ? ”

    At Nabatara Institute of Astrology, Mr. Tribedi tells budding astrologers that the subject of astrology & tantra is actually a study of the mathematical cycles and disregards the misconception of astrology being anything else. He focuses on astrology & tantra to be something which is not an art of predestination, but an act of free will that we possess in the present. So much of Mr. Tribedi’s success and accreditations is due to his clear, easy-to-understand reading and suggestions, something which he has also incorporated in the Nabatara Institute of Astrology in Kolkata. He and his team at the Institute of Astrology that even the most complicated course can be made simpler with the right attitude and approach.

    Our Faculty

    Just like Mr. Gaurav Tribedi, our professional and seasoned team of faculty members teach students with such a unique provenance that all the aspects of astrology become easy to grasp. Our motive at Nabatara Institute of Astrology in Kolkata is to develop a generation of the great astrologer in India who will serve the country and the society well.

    By creating comprehensive regular courses and corresponding courses, our faculty has been setting the benchmark in the field of astrology. Ever since the institute was founded in 2011, our faculty has been continuously driving their efforts in making the future of Indian Astrology brighter. Our professional teachers work hard to teach the students to make detailed forecasts for the clients.

    The Courses We Provide

    We, at Nabatara Institute of Astrology, never cease to experiment with novel concepts of astrology. With this in deliberation, our courses are of avant-garde variation and cover all the requirements. We offer courses to suit the needs of all type of students who are zealous for the subject of astrology and want to join the league of the famous astrologer in India, just like our Founder & Director Mr. Gaurav Tribedi. Our diverse range of courses includes 3 months of Diploma course, 6 months of Master course and one year of Honorary PHD course. We believe in providing the candidates freedom to choose from the myriad of options that we have at Nabatara Institute of Astrology. From Fundamental Astrology, Female Astrology to Mundane Astrology, Preventive Astrology, Tantra-Mantra, Vastu, we polish the talent of our students in order to make them the best in the field.

    Our Approach to Vedic Astrology

    The strong desire of Mr. Gaurav Tribedi was to develop our online Vedic Astrology birth chart service. As per his wishes, the online tool helps our clients and visitors to achieve personalized answers based on their birth year and date. Mr. Gaurav Tribedi and our professional faculty members all adhere to the basic norms and principles of Vedic Astrology. With our zeal and constant efforts, we have made our name prominent in the field of Vedic Astrology & Ancient Tantra.

    At Nabatara Institute of Astrology, we excel in diverse disciplines to provide the country with some of the best astrologer in India for the betterment of the society. Our Founder & Director Mr. Gaurav Tribedi regularly appears at various TV shows and Radio Shows for enlightening the people with dedicated astrological solutions.
    Nabatara Institute of Astrology was created with a purpose of nurturing students into great astrologer & spiritual healer in India who can learn and provide effective solutions to the lives of the people, the areas of finance, relationships, spirituality, health and so on. Feel free to contact us today.

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    Gaurav Tribedi

    About Gaurav Tribedi

    Gaurav Tribedi is a leading and one of the best Astrologer & Tantrik in India and Kolkata, have a large chain of satisfied clients and students in India and Abroad. From a very young age his way of looking life was different from others, strong believer in spiritualism. Studied Science and done his Graduation in IT( Software ).

    Gaurav Tribedi is the knowledgeable and highly educated in the field of Astrology and Tantra. His area of specialization’s are in Career Problems, Financial Problems, Educational Problems, Love and Relationship problems, Legal Hazard, Numerology Correction, Vastu etc.


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