In The Quest For Shiva

You can split the word “Shiva” into Sha, ee, and va , with each representing something. Sha is the short form of shareeram and thus represents the body.
Ee is the short form for eeshwara and thus represents life-giving energy. Va is the short form of Vayu and thus represents motion.As a whole, Shiva represents “body” having “life” and “motion.”
When the ‘ee’ is taken away Shiva becomes sha and va or Shava. This implies a body without life. Everything that has Shiva has life, and everything that does not have Shiva is Shava and so does not have a life.
Shiva can be described in three words, which are, auspicious, potential, and life. Shiva is all-embracing and the collective soul or realization. Those who realize this gets Ananda or Shiva Tattva.

Shiva and Shiva Tattva

Shiva is the complete universe. He’s present in every particle of the cosmos. There are three phases in Shiva Tattva, namely, Arupa, Rupa-arupa, and sarupa.

  • Arupa does not have any form
  • Rupa-arupa is a form that emerges from the formless
  • Sarupa has form

Shiva is without a body and he wasn’t an individual at all. A form was created for representing the bottomless, the never-ending divinity, and for making it lucid to young people and others. Shiva is a theory or Tattva that is the origin of everything.  It sustains everything and everything melts into it. Shiva can be described as consciousness. Due to being the highest good of the entire creation, Shiva has a blue body with blue signifying the infinite sky. The greatest miracle is that the same consciousness resides in all beings in this creation!

It’s formless yet it resides in every form

Rudrabhishekam is the summoning of Lord Shiva via mantra of Sri Rudram and performance of abhishekam. It brings prosperity, peace, hale and hearty body, spirit, and mind. It does away with negative vibes and defends the disciples from evil forces.In India, It is performed at well-known destinations that include Haridwar, Kashi/Varanasi, and Rishikesh.’Virupe-bhyo vishva-rupe bhyash-cha vo namo namah’ is a verse in Rudrabhishekam.Virupe-bhyo implies one without form while Vishva-rupe-bhyo implies that even then it resides in every form of the universe.Every form is the manifestation of the amorphous Shiva.

It had no beginning and It won’t End

There is a great story associated with Shiva. Once upon a time, Brahma the architect, and Vishnu the defender of the Universe were keen on finding Shiva for understanding it entirely. Brahma told Vishnu that while he seeks his head Vishnu should try and find his feet. They tried for thousands of years without success.  The implication of the story is Shiva is without beginning and without end.

What is the way of knowing Shiva?

In Veda Saara Shiva Stotram, written by Adishankaracharya, a philosopher of India during the 18th century, there is a verse “Tapo yoga gamya.”’ This basically means that the way of finding Shiva is by tapa and yoga.You can also know it with Omkaara, which is the primeval sound of the cosmos.

What is the way of understanding Shiva

The earliest Rishis recommend 4 steps for understanding Shiva. They are:

  • Anavopaya – the disciplining of one’s ego
  • Anava – meditation
  • Saktopaya – the activating of the energy centers by concentrating one’s thought in silence
  • Sambavopaya – by freeing oneself from thinking

‘Shruti Gyan Gamyah’ is another verse in Adi Shankaracharya’s Veda Saara Shiva Stotram and it states that one can understand Shiva by awareness of the shrutis that can be heard while deep in meditation. This state is that of Samadhi. This fourth state is the place for finding Shiva Tattva.

About Rudraksha


Hindu beliefs and myths have attributed divinity to several trees and leaves. Rudraksha is one of those that is famous throughout the world for its mystical property. In Hindu religion, this is regarded as holy tree and fruit, like basil. ‘Rudra’ is the other name of Lord Shiva and ‘Aksha’ means eyes. The third eye of Lord Shiva is considered the center of the cosmic power and Rudraksha is the manifestation of that. The importance of Rudraksha has been depicted in the ancient scriptures of Hindu religion, like Shreemaddevibhagwat, Padma Purana, Shivmaha Purana, Ling Purana, etc.

From ancient time, Rudraksha has been worn to get good health and to attain spiritualism. It is believed that the Rudraksha beads are the perfect amalgamation of the power of praying. From housewives to students, businessmen to yogis, anyone can wear Rudraksha beads. According to saints and yogis, rudraksha beads are excellent for getting astrological benefits and spiritual attainments while it is believed to attain great health. It is stated in Shiv Purana that Rudraksha is so powerful spiritually that it can remove all sins, committed by someone in his lifetime.

Rudraksha is always associated with Lord Shiva and all his pictures and idols are seen with Rudraksha beads around his neck. That’s why it is absolutely sacred and the center of the power of Lord Shiva. Vedic Texts state that worshipping Rudraksha can bring better health, good luck, peace and prosperity in your personal and professional life.

Not only it is popular for its spiritualism, but Rudraksha can also take good care of your health by removing blood impurities and prevent bacteria build up inside your body. To cure a headache, paralysis, cough, heart diseases, blood pressure, and even maternity problems can be treated by Rudraksha. It is powerful spiritually and scientifically.

Story Behind Rudraksha

Rudraksha Story

You must have seen people wearing rudraksha for several purpose. Rudraksha is mainly worn to achieve power and strength and to lead a healthy life. According to ancient beliefs, Rudraksha is associated to Lord Shiva and that’s why whoever wear it, gets the power of blessing of Lord Shiva. Rudraksha is popular among the Hindus and the Buddhists for its medicinal and divine properties from ancient time and still today, it is used by people who have belief in the strength of rudraksha.

Now, there is no end of mythological stories in the Hinduism. Every beliefs has certain base and that comes from mythical stories. The rudraksha also has certain stories behind its divine power. Basically, it is associated with Lord Shiva who is the ultimate of this entire creation. The universe starts from him and ends at him. He is the epitome of power. When rudraksha is connected to him, that means, it can give power, strength to stay hale and hearty. Also, it increases concentration power and makes you sharper and focused than ever. Let’s find out what the stories are behind the beads-

Story from Devi Bhagwat Purana

According to the religious text of Devi Bhagwat Purana, there was a demon king, named Maya. He was outrageous and strong. With divine power he became uncontrollable. Once he realized his power, he wanted to gain the supreme strength and that’s why started troubling the saints and the deities. He was so powerful that none could stand in front of him. He made three towns of three different metals- one was of gold; the other was of silver and the last town was built of iron.

He made these towns non-destroyable and named them together- Tripur. As the ruler of Tripur, he named himself as ‘Tripurasur’. He ruled over these towns with his two brothers. Soon, he commenced war against Indra, the king of the gods. He won the battle and looted paradise and started to rule there. Being thrown out from the monarchy, Indra went to Lord Brahma for help. But, after getting disappointment there, he moved to Lord Vishnu. But, Lord Vishnu also could not help him. He suggested him to visit Lord Shiva and together all gods, Indra went to Lord Shiva for rescuing heaven again and destroying Tripurasur and his three towns. The entire creation began to help Lord Shiva. The chariot was made of earth while the wheels were the sun god and the moon god themselves. Lord Brahma drove the chariot with Lord Shiva on it while Lord Vishnu became the arrow in the arch of Lord Shiva.

All other gods got prepared for the battle against Tripurasur. When Lord Shiva reached the place from where he can use just one arrow to kill Tripurasur. Reached at the spot, Lord Shiva got too angry that he took the pose of Rudra. In that pose, he executed his arrows and destroyed Tripurasur with three towns, Tripur.

All gods became very happy and worshipped Lord Shiva. After the battle, all gods returned to the Himalaya for rest. There, Lord Shiva started meditation. Once he opened his beautiful eyes, few tear drops fell from his eyes. Those tear drops formed rudraksha tree and the beads are the fruits of the tree. Thus, rudraksha tree came into being.

Rudraksha As Found In Nature


Rudraksha beads are famous for spiritual benefits as those are believed to be associated with Lord Shiva. That’s why, rudraksha contains the power and strength of Lord Shiva. To make people heartier and healthier, rudraksha plays an important role. The scientific name of rudraksha is Elaeocarpus. This is a large evergreen tree whose trunk is cylindrical. The color of the bark is greyish white and it is rough in texture. The branches are widespread and takes a pyramid shape. As the tree is evergreen, the leaves are lush green at the above and the lower leaves are dull coriaceous.


Next comes the flowers of rudraksha tree. They are conical, ovoid, and quite long, around 1 to 2 cm. rudraksha flowers usually appear in April-May. Finally, appears the rudraksha fruit. It is quite striking that the color of the fruits are blue like the throat of Lord Shiva. When the entire tree is filled with indigo blue fruits, it looks spectacular. The blue color isn’t from pigment, rather it is structural. Usually, rudraksha tree grows faster and within three to four years, the tree starts to bear fruits.

Rudraksha tree grows naturally as farming is quite difficult. The germination takes 1-2 years and that also depends on the humidity of the soil and other factors of climate. The subtropical region is the best ground for growing rudraksha. Countries, like Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, etc. are the growing ground of rudraksha. The environment plays a huge role in making the beads bigger and better. That’s why the Nepalese beads are stronger, bigger and better than the Indonesian counterparts. Though if you wear rudraksha for better health and life, you can get equal result from all types of rudraksha. From spiritual to medicinal purpose, rudraksha has been used from ancient time and even today, its popularity hasn’t been decreased a bit.


What is Vastu?


Introduction to Vastu Shastra

It is an oldest Indian science of architecture and buildings which we should follow for prosperity. It helps in making a compatible setting or a place to live and work in a most scientific way taking advantage of the benefits present with by nature, its elements and energy fields for enhanced wealth, health, prosperity and happiness. Vastu gives us peace in our life also. It can also be said as an ancient mystic science for designing and building. Vastu Course in kolkata from our Astrology institute can give you a clear idea of this ancient science.

Vastu sastra is a traditional Hindu system of architecture which literally translates to “Science of Architecture”. Some of the texts found that describes layout, principles of design, ground preparation, measurements, space arrangement and geometry of an architecure. Vastu Shastra helps us to make our lives better.

Ancient Vastu combines all the five elements of nature called” Panchbhootas” and balance them with the human life material of the house. The designs are compatible with architecture & nature, the relative functions of various parts of the structure , and directional alignments and symmetry.


The Basics Of Vastu

Vastu Shastra is creating a congenial settings or a place to live or work, in most scientific way taking advantages of the benefits bestowed by the five elements called “Paanchbhootas” which helps to enhance prosperity, health, wealth and happiness in an enlightened environment.

The word Paanchbhootas means Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. There are nine planets in solar system , our planet has life because of the presence of these five elements “and that planet is the Earth where we live.

The Directions

In Vastu Sashra regarding direction, level, shape, should be taken into consideration . For example , south-east corner is the seat of the fire , Agnidev. The importance of Vastu at the time of construction and orientation of a building is to save energy & also to have a better house design, which will surely gives comfort in life and many more. Positive Vastu can gives prosperity, good health, and wealth to the house owners/occupiers and their families. So directions of vastu is very important to influence on the human life.

SURYAH SHUKRO MAHOSUNUH RACHARBHANDU BHOJUJO VIDAS| BUDHO BRIHARACHATISHCHETI DISHA CHAIN GRAHAH|| Acording to the shloka , directions of the planets are 1. Surya-Sun means East, 2. Shukra-venus means South-East, 3 . Mangal-Mars means south,4. Yuma means South-East,5. Shani –Saturn means West,6. Candra –Moon means North-East,7. Buddh –Mercury means North, 8. Guru –Jupiter means North-East. We should have the proper knowledge of the proper orientation of all the eight directions .Such as where the sun arises is known as east and where it sets is known as west . When one faces the east direction , towards one’ s left is north and towards ones right is south .The corner where two directions meet obviously is more significant since it combines forces developing from both the directions . So all the eight directions which has been already told have their’s own significance and have own construction. So these eight directions are very much essential to Vastu Sastra.


Vastu is essential

It is very essential to determine Vastu directions correctly forms the basics of each construction. one should follow Vastu from the initial level i.e. from choosing a plot, directions of master bedroom, to shift in the house. Everything should be done according to Vastu rules. Since Vastu is a SCIENCE and creates a bridge between man and nature to build a house, gates, temple, palace, porch , pond etc, in proper direction.

Vastu must be cheacked at the time of choosing a plot. At first we have to chose the soil maintaining vastu rules. When and how to construct a house, about all the interiors, how to choose colour and when to shift consult an expert in Vastu. Vastu is such a deep science that can give us vast informations and one can have any doubts cleared with right reasoning. Either a Square or a rectangle shape is always advisable to go in for a site. It should not be cut off in North – East direction.

Vastu is unique

Vastu was followed From the ancient time of India and it is a science that has originated from India. Feng shui is an art of invoking energies. And fengshui is originated from China and based on their traditions and culture. Both of this have a same objective, but the principles are very different to each other and the humanity gets benefited by the application of Vastu Sasthra.

Types Of Rudraksha

One Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

The controlling planet of this Rudraksha is Sun. All negative effects posed by this planet on a person are got over by wearing this Rudraksha. This type of Rudraksha symbolizes Lord Shiva himself. The one mukhi Rudrakhs is the most auspicious of all Rudrakshas. Generally it comes in the shape of cashew nut or half moon.

This is the supreme Rudraksha for anyone who want to enjoy all the worldly blessings as well as get devoted to the supreme power. The ruling planet of this Rudraksha is Sun which is the sorce of energy for the entire world.

It enhances knowledge about the Supreme ( Bramha Gyan )and the wearer is know to win over his senses. This is the only Rudraksha that provides Health, Wealth and Happiness in true sense as it also enhances the Spiritual Growth of the wearer.

A person after wearing this rudraksha becomes Fearless charismatic and radiant like Sun and his fame and fortune increases due to blessings of Sun and no amount of negative powers or enmity can affect him. The concentration power increases, One mukhi Rudraksha washes away the sins as serious as ” Beamhin Hatya ” ( Killing of a Bramhin ).

Ruling Deity : Lord Shiva
Mantra : ‘ Om Hreem Namaha ‘
Ruling Planet : ‘ Sun ‘


Two Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

  • Two mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by the Ardhnareeshwar form of Lord Shiva, representing Shiva and Shakti. This Rudraksha helps in harmonizing relations between two individuals (Husband-Wife, Father-Son and Friends etc.) thereby making happier and lasting relations.
  • Wearing two mikhi Rudraksha frees one from the sin of cow slaughter.
  • This Rudraksha is useful for good, happy & prosperous family life, good relationships with all people and get married.
  • It helps in stabilizing the mind and improves decision making ability by pacifying the planet MOON.
  • Those who are single and facing difficulty in getting the right match or those having relationship problems with spouse should wear this Rudraksha. As per ancient Hindu Vedic Texts, a 2 mukhi Rudraksha works miraculously for the treatment of diseases like renal failure, impotency, lack of concentration, stress, anxiety, depression, negative thinking, left eye problems, mental dielama etc.

Ruling Deity : Lord Ardh Nareeshwar which is a combined form of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
Mantra : ‘ Om Namaha ‘
Ruling Planet : ‘ Moon ‘



Three Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

  • The three mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Agni (Fire). This Rudraksha destroys all the sins done by a person in his past life and makes him pure on a spiritual level like Agni does with all those who come in its contact. 
  • A Three mukhi Rudraksha gives the wearer super confidence and energy to face any situation. 
  • Like Agni, which burns and consumes everything, yet remains pure and full of power, three mukhi Rudraksha purifies a person from all sins committed in the past.
  • People suffering from any diseases, weakness, laziness or inferiority complex should wear this Rudraksha. Helps in higher education. It is helpful for those people also who experience self hatred or mental stress and it makes a person energetic via freeing him from laziness.

Ruling Deity : Lord Agni ( Fire )
Mantra : ‘ Om Kleem Namaha ‘
Ruling Planet : ‘ Mars ‘



Four Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

Four mukhi rudraksha of Nepal is easy to obtain and is one of the most commonly used Rudraksha. The four mukhi rudraksha is blessed by Lord Brahma, one of the Gods of the Hindu Trinity and is responsible for Creation, owner of knowledge and creativity. A 4 mukhi Rudraksha increases the power of original thinking, knowledge,learning and creativity.

As per Ancient Vedic Texts a four mukhi Rudraksha is also very useful if a person is suffering from the problem of Stammering.
This Rudraksha also positively affects speech of the person so that he is able to use it for his advantage. Students who wear this Rudraksha are able to do better in their studies due to increased memory power and concentration.By wearing this grasping power, remembrance, Intelligence and cleverness will increase. A person wearing this Rudraksha is known to get shining intelligent eyes and a balanced mind and he or she can use the power of speech to his / her advantage.

By wearing this grasping power, remembrance, Intelligence and cleverness will increase. A person wearing this Rudraksha is known to get shining intelligent eyes and a balanced mind and he or she can use the power of speech to his / her advantage.

Ruling Deity : Lord Brahma
Mantra : ‘ Om Hreem Namaha ‘
Ruling Planet : ‘ Mercury ‘


Five Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

It is the most common Rudraksha and constitutes about 60% to 70% of total production. Five mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Shiva himself in the form o “ Kalagni Rudra ”. This is a most commonly found Rudraksha & it destroys the “Bad Karmas” of the present life, thereby making the wearer pure and his mind become peaceful and calm.

As per Ancient Vedic Texts that wearing 5 mukhi Rudraksha is most important for all as it is blessed by Vaamdev ( Shiva ).

It brings good luck, academic excellence and have a tranquil effect on mind. It also subsidise the malefic effects of planet Jupiter.

This Rudraksha removes sins of various kinds which have been committed by a person in the present life. This Rudraksha is also called ” Dev Guru Rudraksha ” because of the fact that its ruling planet is Jupiter who is the Guru of Gods.
This Rudraksha also protects a person from Accidental Deaths and it is also very important in any kind of Saadhna or Meditation. A five mukhi Rudraksha also gives a person Name, Fame and Mental Peace.

Ruling Deity : Lord Kalagni
Mantra : ‘ Om Hreem Namaha ‘
Ruling Planet : ‘ Jupiter ‘



Six Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

A Six Mukhi Rudraksha beads from Nepal are similar in size to Five Mukhi, while Indonesian variety is slightly smaller. The ruling deity of this Rudraksha is Lord Kartikeya who is the second son of Lord Shiva and is also the chief of the celestial army. Therefore the wearer of this Rudraksha gets courage as well as wisdom by the blessings of Lord Kartikeya.

This Rudraksha makes the wearer energetic,charming, and intelligent. It is worn along with 4 mukhi rudraksha in order to excel in education.

It is good for people having public dealings like actors and politicians. It gives very good result in case of chest pain.It fulfiles wearer’s physical and mental desire. This Rudraksha also increases the will power and the power of expression and hence, Leaders & Actors who have to perform or give speeches can derive benefits by wearing this bead.

It is said that wearer of this Rudraksha is blessed by Goddess Parvati, Goddess Maha Lakshmi as well as Goddess Saraswati since all of them have blessed Lord Kartikeya who is the ruling Deity of this Rudraksha. Wearer of this Rudraksha gets blessed with wealth, health, and happiness. & The ruling planet of this Rudraksha is planet Venus, which signifies luxury, pleasure and comfort in life.

Ruling Deity : Lord Kartikeya ( Lord Shiva’s 2nd Son )
Mantra : ‘ Om Hreem Hoom Namah ‘
Ruling Planet : ‘ Venus ‘



Seven Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

  • The ruling deity of seven Mukhi Rudraksha is Goddess Maha Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth) and the ruling planet is Saturn. It gives wealth in all areas like business, service, fortune,and career thereby bringing all around prosperity and riches. 
  • This Rudraksha is also related to the 7 sages (Saptarshi) and the wearer is bestowed with good Health and Wealth by their blessings. This Rudraksha is also very good for getting Success in Business and Increased profits if it is used in combination with 8 mukhi Rudraksha.
  • A person wearing this rudraksha can find hidden treasure, get increased attention from the opposite sex and destroy enemies. & he is also relieved of malefic or adverse affects of planet Saturn if the same is badly placed in one’s horoscope or if the wearer is under the major or minor affliction of Saturn known as Saturn Sade Sati and Small Panoti respectively. 
  • A person can be more powerful, can find hidden treasure, get increased attention from the opposite sex, destroy enemies
  • If you have block funds as well as for attracting wealth and therefore it is said to be extremely good to wear this Rudrakhsa for businessmen as well as for those also who are in a Job and want Success, Happiness, Promotion and Wealth. This can be used by people involved in all types of professions or businesses to gain wealth and prosperity.
  • As per Ancient Vedic Texts, there are seven divine snakes who reside in the seven mukhas of this Rudraksha and therefore a person wearing this Rudraksha is protected from poisoning of any kind. Since this Rudraksha is blessed by many powerful Gods and Goddesses, the wearer is able to get good Name & Fame, Progress and Wealth as well as Good Luck by the blessiings of Goddess Maha Lakshmi, Saptrshi, seven Divine Snakes, seven Divine mothers as well as planet Saturn.

Ruling Deity : Godess Maha Lakshmi
Mantra : ‘ Om Hoom Namaha ‘
Ruling Planet : ‘ Saturn ‘



Eight Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

  • 8 mukhi Rudraksha is a rare bead and it is available in lesser numbers than 7 mukhi rudraksha. 8 mukhi rudraksha is blessed by Lord Ganesha who is also known as “Vighna Harta” i.e. the remover of obstacles. Hence, the wearer of this Rudraksha is able to get Success in every venture by the blessings of Lord Ganesha.
  • It gives the wearer an analytical mind, great understanding and good writing skills.8 Mukhi Rudraksha helps in removing all types of obstacles from the life of its wearer. It ensures all round success and the wearer never faces defeat from his Enemies.
  • One of the most important effect of this Rudraksha is that it removes obstacles so that the wearer is able to achieve Success easily thereby leading to a happier life.
  • This Rudraksha is said to be related to Lord Kartikeya as well who is the Elder Son of Lord Shiva. This Rudraksha gives stability of mind so that the wearer is able to remain more peaceful and calm.
  • As per Ancient Vedic Texts, this Rudraksha is said to be helpful in curing skin diseases, Bad dreams, diseases of lungs, skin and hydroceol, feet, etc.
    Any person who wants Name, Fame and Leadership qualities should wear this Rudraksha.

Ruling Deity : Lord Ganesha
Mantra : ‘ Om Hoom Namaha ‘
Ruling Planet : ‘ Rahu ‘



Nine Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

  • 9 mukhi rudraksha is among the rare bead found both in Nepal and Indonesia. This Rudraksha is blessed by Goddess Maha Durga and it is believed that all the 9 incarnations of Goddess Durga (Shailputri, Brahmacharni, Chandraghanta, Kooshmanda, Skandmata, Katyayani, Kalratri, Maha Gauri & Siddhi Datri) reside in this Rudraksha and hence, the wearer of this Rudraksha is blessed by all of them. Sins committed by a person get condoned by wearing this rudraksha. It also makes a person fearless and stress free. The wearer gets endurance, bravery, courage and his name and fame spreads all around.
  • In combination with 10 & 11 mukhi varieties, it becomes a powerful tool for protection. This Rudraksha is said to make a person fearless and he is blessed with energy, power, dynamism and fearlessness which leads to a better self confidence thereby helping him achieve Success, Name & Fame. The malefic effects of Ketu are controlled by this bead which are similar to those of Rahu and Saturn. It also helps in mastering foreign languages by boosting one’s vocabulary power.
  • Persons having fear of any kind, including that of death, should wear 9 mukhi rudraksha. its wearer becomes fearless of Death.
  • Wearing this Rudraksha can bring in wealth. This Rudraksha protects a person from the malefic effects of all the 9 planets.
  • As per Ancient Vedic Texts, it protects the wearer from untimely death, as it is blessed by Bhairav, also known as Kal Bhairav. This Rudraksha is said to help in curing diseases of Lungs, Fever, Eye pain, Bowel pain, Skin diseases, Body pain, etc.

Ruling Deity : Goddess Maha Durga
Mantra : ‘ Om Hreem Hoom Namaha ‘
Ruling Planet : ‘ Ketu ‘



Ten Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

  • 10 mukhi Rudraksha is among the rare varieties. This Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Vishnu who is the preserver of entire universe. It helps the wearer to overcome difficult times and ensures that the wearer & his family are protected by the blessings of Lord Vishnu. 
  • This is used to correct Vastu dosh which could badly impact on running a business. All sins done by the ten human organs are destroyed by wearing this rudraksha. 
  • It protects the wearer from the malefic effects of all the Nine planets and he is blessed with Name, Fame, Health and Prosperity.
  • Wearer of this Rudraksha is saved from untimely death.
  • This Rudraksha also protects a person from any kind of Black magic, Evil Eye etc. This Rudraksha pacifies all the 9 planets and it is also a very useful to remove Vastu faults of a place. Hence, the wearer of this Rudraksha gets saved, protected from the negative effects of all the 9 planets, Black Magic and Evil Eye.
  • This Rudraksha should also be worn when there is a Pitra Dosha is seen in the Horoscope since Lord Vishnu showers his blessings on the wearer of this Rudraksha. It can also be kept at the Pooja ghar or place of worship.

Ruling Deity: Lord Vishnu
Mantra : ‘ Om Hreem Namaha ‘
Ruling Planet : None



Eleven Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

  • Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Hanuman who is also called Ekadash Rudra. Hanuman is the Lord of Courage, Bravery and Adventure. Therefore its wearer gets a feeling of right actions, courage and he fears nothing. Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha blesses its wearer with Wisdom, Right Judgmental power and an Adventurous & Successful life. It also protects the wearer from accidental death.
  • This Rudraksha is very powerful to control the physical senses, make one fearless and it is therefore recommended for meditation purposes and to secure devotion to the God.
  • It is said that the wearer of this Rudraksha gets the benefits of donating thousand cows and performing thousand Ashwamedha Yagyas.
  • Wearier of this Rudraksha brings good luck and fortune and confers leadership qualities and the power to gain control over all the 11 senses.

Ruling Deity : Lord Hanuman
Mantra : ‘ Om Hreem Hoom Namaha ‘
Ruling Planet : None



Twelve Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

  • 12 Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Surya ( Lord Sun ) who creates a powerful Aura around the wearer. The wearer of a Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha becomes Energetic, Brilliant, Radiant and Strong like Lord SUN.
  • A wearer of this Rudraksha can be free from the fear of fire and diseases; he can acquire wealth and happiness. He will never experience poverty. As per ancient vedic texts, this Rudraksha is helpful in curing diseases caused by an adverse placement of the SUN in a horoscope such as diseases of the heart, right eye, bones, mental anxiety, problems with elders etc. Wearer is freed from the sin of killing animals like elephants, horses, cats, rats, rabbits, tigers, bears and even men.
  • If the Planet Sun is Malefic in the wearers horoscope, then its negative effects are also subsided by this Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha.
  • Wearing this Rudraksha improves the Administrative capacity of a person and therefore it is very good for Administrators, Businessmen, and Politicians who should wear this Rudraksha for Name, Fame, Wealth and Power. This Rudraksha has the power to possess the Brilliance, Luster, Radiance and Strength of Lord Sun and hence, the wearer is bestowed with all these virtues. The wearer also gets fearless from armed people and wild animals, protected from diseases & worries

Ruling Deity : Lord Surya
Mantra : ‘ Om Kraum Sraum Raum Namaha ‘
Ruling Planet : ‘ Sun ‘



Thirteen Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

  • 13 Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by “Lord Kaamdev and Lord Indra” (King of the Gods). Weaere of 13 mukhi Rudraksha ensure victorious in all challenging situations and full potential of destiny is available to him. This Rudraksha also gives all the Worldly Comforts as well as a Spiritual upliftment to its wearer.
  • It fulfills all the desires including perfection in alchemy, medicine, and reserch work. Since the ruling planet of a 13 Mukhi Rudraksha is Venus, it brings Chearm as well as Popularity to its wearer.
  • The wearer gets everything to enjoy life to its full. Wearer of this Rudraksha is pleased by The Lord Kaamdev and fulfills all his worldly desires.
  • Those who all are film / Tv actors, artists, politicians and leaders, top executives and those in marketing profession should use this 13 mukhi Rudraksha. It is a very rare bead and it gives immense Wealth and the Position of Authority to its wearer. Hence, by wearing this Rudraksha, a person is able to achieve great heights of Success in his life.
  • By wearing this Rudraksha, a person is able to enjoy all the Luxuries of life.
  • A wearer of this Rudraksha is blessed by all the other Gods as well because Lord Indra is the king of all the other Gods. A person desirous of getting Good Oratory and Debating power, Knowledge, should use this Rudraksha.

Ruling Deity : Lord Indra / Kaamdev
Mantra : ‘ Om Hreem Namaha ‘
Ruling Planet : ‘ Venus ‘



Fourteen Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

  • This Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Shiva himself and is known to have been directly produced from His eyes. 
  • According to Vedic scriptures, it is known as controller of Ajna Chakra, Which is located between the two Eyebrows thereby giving the wearer an ability to visualize the future to be able to make correct decisions. Wearer of 14 Mukhi Rudraksha, awakens the power of sixth sense, intuition by strengthening the Ajna Chakra.
  • A wearer of this Rudraksha can foreseeing the future events intuitively and therefore he/she is able to take decisions in a right direction.
  • Wearer of 14 Mukhi Rudraksha gives strong protection against Black Magic and Evil spirits.
  • 14 mukhi Rudraksha also represents the 3rd eye of Lord Shiva and hence the wearer is protected from all kinds of Negativity, Negative Energies and Enemies.
  • Like the 3rd eye of Lord Shiva this Rudraksha helps people to protect themselves and make correct judgement in every action they plan. Wearer of this Rudraksha is blessed by both the Shiva and the Shakti and becomes a favourite of Lord Shiva. His present and future becomes brighter & better. This Rudraksha start giving its results very quickly and hence the name Dev Mani.

Ruling Deity : Lord Shiva
Mantra : ‘ Om Namaha ‘
Ruling Planet : ‘ Saturn ‘



Gauri Shankar Rudraksha

  • This is very popular among common users as well as among saints and priests for its properties that help in meditation. It represents a combined form of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. This is a very powerful Rudraksha for improving relations between husband-wife, family and friends, and is considered as a best Rudraksha for bringing peace and happiness in the family. 
  • Those people who want to find a suitable match for marriage should wear this Rudraksha. A childless couples should also wear this Rudraksha. Relations between the wearer and his/her spouse, friends and relatives can be improve.
  • The combined blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are showered upon the wearer of this Gauri Shankar Rudraksha and hence he/she is able to lead a better and more Happier, Healthier and a Wealthier Life. It can be kept at the pooja room or worshiping place by anyone.
  • According to ancient Vedic Texts, all the pains, sufferings, and other earthly obstacles of the wearer are destroyed by worshiping this Rudrakshaas.
  • This Rudraksha should be worn by unmarried persons to get married soon with a proper match in their Life. Childless Couple can be benefited with very good results by wearing this Rudraksha.
  • This Rudraksha helps husband and wife to know each other better and improves their relations.

Ruling Deity : Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati
Mantra : ‘ Om Gauri Shankaraye Namaha ‘
Ruling Planet : ‘ Moon ‘

** Although in Ancient Puranas it is written that Rudrakshas are up to 38 faces, now a days Rudrakshas with only 1 to 14 faces are available.

Hence I have given details about 1 to 14 faces of Rudrakshas only.

Wearing specific Rudraksha in combination pacifies all the nine planets as per the need.

Modern science has shown that the electromagnetic nature of Rudraksha’s positive effects on human neuro physiology to keep up the normal functioning of the body activities. Anti agency properties have also been discovered.

Story Behind Vastu Purush




The art of building one’s living area and working spaces in harmony with Nature ” is called Vastu and Purusha refers to energy, power, soul or cosmic man. There are two legendary stories narrating about the existence and importance of Vastu Purusha.



In “Mayamatam”, Brahma – according to the ancient Indian text, was the creator of universe. He created a special man , who grew very quickly larger and larger and started to eat greedily everything that came in his way, in order to satisfy his amaranthine hunger. He became unmanageable, so big that his shadow fell on earth just like earth was to be under a permanent eclipse. All the deities were in utter difficulty seeing the destruction by this creature. So all went to Lord Brahma and requested him to rescue them from this destruction by giving them a solution.

Brahma realized his mistake. He summoned the AsthaDikapalakas – the Gods of the eight cardinal directions. All came together and subjugated the monster and held it flat against the earth while Brahma jumped on its middle. Unable to bear the weight of all the deities he prayed Lord Brahma for mercy. Lord Brahma pleased by his prayer. He bestowed a boon on him that “while constructing any dwelling units, temples, parks, and water bodies’ etc. people shall worship you, and people who won’t, they will be in worst condition shall suffer poverty, in every activity they do, they will face obstruction.

“The creature was held on the ground in a particular direction.”

  • Head on North-East side
  • Feet on South-West side
  • Both the hands on the northwest and southeast side and face downwards


In Matsya Purana, the story of a demon, named ANDHAKA who was killed by Lord Shiva after a long fight between them. As the fight continued for a long time, lord Shiva was very tired and was sweating copiously. A man was born out of the drops of Shiva’s sweat that fell on the ground. He was very cruel and was very hungry. So he decided to make surrendered with the god to appease him so that he can get a boon from him.

The devotee became overpowered. He requested all the gods to abide him from such pain. Being pleased by his prayers lord Brahma bestowed him a boon that he would be worshiped by everyone when any plots or construction work is to be initiated. Since then Vastu-Purusha worship has been started. It considers auspicious to worship Vastu-Purusha for those who want to build any kind of building.

Rudraksha Care & Precaution



Rudraksha can be worn by anybody irrespective of age, sex, caste and culture. There is no strict rules and restriction of wearing Rudrakshas, according to the scripture like Srimad Devabhagawaam , Shiva puran ,Padma Puran and many more scripture. As per my knowledge on Rudraksha, following tips will help to maintain sanctity and longitivity of the rudrakshas beads :-


1. Rudraksha (Rudra’s [Shiva’s ] teardrops) is a seed traditionally used as prayer beads in Hinduism. It should be worn after energizing and most vital thing while wearing rudrakshas for the first time , it should be worn on Monday and before wearing at least chant the mantra ” Om Namaha Shivaya ” 9 times or 108 times.

2. Rudraksha should not be shared / exchanged from one person to another person after it has been worn. It should be memorised that do not wear Rudraksha while going to funerals and brothels. There is no harm in wearing rudraksha during intercourse between couples. It has be proved that it gives positive expression by many couples. Those who would want to have children, according to their wish either husband/wife can wear Rudraksha to enhance the function.

3. Rudraksha is best if worn in the black, white or yellow coloured thread .It can be worn in silver, gold, copper and mixed metal- the effect will be same.

4. Always wear Rudraksha around the neck so that the beads touches the Heart area. Because it will help to pass the positive energy of rudraksha through soul to entire human body.

5. Never show your Rudrakshas once you have started wearing. Exposing or showing rudraksha gives benefits to others as well who touched or view it. Since you are wearing rudraksha for yourself so its best to keep it hidden.

6. Wear it daily like a cloths and don’t think and give too much attention to it , you will find more effects. Make Rudraksha a part of your body.

7. Any type of bad habits like Non veg, Veg, alcohol and smoking doesn’t decreases or give harm while wearing rudrakshas. But after wearing rudraksha if person have excessive habit, due to increment of intuitive power and will power , rudraksha helps to maintain the habit to normal level so that health of the wearer remains perfect all the time.

8. One can keep it in puja room and prayed for benefit of whole family. Keep the beads as close to your skin as possible and not let others to touch.

9. If the thread is broken while wearing, you can change the new thread and wear rudrakshas, There is no harm if the thread is broken while wearing rudraksha.

10. If the thread is broken while wearing, you can change the new thread and wear rudrakshas, There is no harm if the thread is broken while wearing rudraksha.

11. Keep the beads as close to your skin as possible and not let others to touch. Rudraksha can also be kept in Puja room and prayed for benefit of whole family.

12. Any type of dietary habits like Non veg, Veg, alcohol and smoking doesn’t decreases or give harm while wearing rudrakshas. But after wearing rudraksha if person have excessive habit , due to increment of intuitive power and will power , rudraksha helps to maintain the habit to normal level so that health of the wearer remains perfect all the time.


( Most Important thing Don’t Misuse the power of Rudrakshas )




Once you wear rudraksha , maintenance of it is very important , Following tips will help you to maintain the longitivity of your rudrakshas :-

1. Wash your rudraksha beads every month with boiling hot water. First of all take the the boiling hot water in a bowl. Dip your rudraksha for few minutes and brush each rudraksha with new toothbrush and wash the beads again with water. Let it dry for few hours and oil the rudrakshas again and wear it.

2. Every 15-20 days oil your rudrakshas beads either with mustard oil , sandalwood oil or olive oil.

3. Regularly keep on wetting rudrakshas beads will lessen the Longetivity of the beads. Rudraksha should not be worn during shower/bath. That is to prevent the rudraksha from becoming wet.

4. If you are sleeping in one positing at night then you can wear rudrakshas beads but those people who are changing position in sleeping number of times it is best to take it our and either put in altar are or keep towards the head region or below the pillow. Because body pressure will damage the thorny part of the beads

5. After wetting the beads in water then let it dry in sun for about 5 to 6 hours this will help to keep beads healthy and powerful.

Indonesian Vs Nepalese Rudraksha


Rudraksha Beads of Indonesian Origin

Rudraksha beads hold the power of Lord Shiva to gift humankind a better, healthier and happier life. People often wear Rudraksha around their neck or wrist. Basically, Rudraksha is the fruit of the Rudraksha tree. It is popular for its spiritual and medicinal power. Maximum Rudraksha grows in Indonesia (around 65-70%). This is the country where Rudraksha tree was first discovered. Later, it started growing in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The best Rudraksha beads are distributed among the countries, like India, Madagascar, SriLanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Sikkim, Tibet, Bhutan, etc. Among these countries, Indonesia and Nepal are the main growing ground of Rudraksha. Are there any similarities between the two? Or are these completely different to each other? Here, you will get a detailed account on these two types.

Similarities between Rudraksha Beads from Indonesia and Nepal

  • There are natural holes in the center of Nepalese as well as Indonesian rudrakshas. These are used for threading to make a rudraksha necklace. One can make wrist band with it.
  • The internal structure of these two types of rudraksha beads are similar as both of them comes with same number of seeds inside it. These are known as ‘Mukhis’.
  • These two types of rudraksha beads are found in 21 variations, including Ganesh rudraksha, gauri Shankar rudraksha, etc.
  • Rudrakshas are famous for spiritual as well as medicinal properties. Both of them provide equal benefits while tested scientifically.

Difference between Rudraksha Beads from Indonesia and Nepal


12 Mukhi Rudraksha

Nepalese Origin
12 Mukhi Rudraksha

Indonesian Origin



  • Appearance
    Though both of them look quite similar, the Indonesian rudraksha comes with smoother surface. The face or mukhis are lined in a white line that runs from one side to the other. In the Nepalese rudraksha, these lines are deeper than its Indonesian counterparts.
  • Availability and Cost
    Presently, Nepalese rudraksha has become immensely popular in the USA and China. The cost of Nepalese rudraksha are hiking enough. Though Indonesian beads are not so priced like its Nepalese counterpart, still it is also getting popular.
  • Size and Effects
    Actually, the size of the rudraksha depends on the location where it grows. That’s why the Nepalese versions are quite bigger than the Indonesian rudrakshas. Basically, the Indonesian ones are the smallest around the world.
  • Genuineness
    Though there are lesser chances of being fake, still the Indonesian beads are more genuine than the Nepalese beads as the later one is easy available.
  • Prices
    As Nepalese beads are bigger than the Indonesian ones, they cost more.
  • Weight
    Nepalese rudraksha beads are heavier than the Indonesian ones because of their bigger size.

Parad Shivling Benefits


Going by Parad grantham, just a touch of the Parad Shivlingam of Nabatara is going to present the person who is worshiping with the advantages of Shiv pooja in the three worlds, which is Trilok. The dedicated worshipers who are going to do the worship of a solitary Parad Shivling are going to receive numerous blessings that include:

  • The receiving of gold in great quantity
  • The receiving of the advantages of doing worship of the ling in every one of the three worlds of Trilok
  • The performing of quite a few Ashwameghayagnas.


Parad Shivlingam worship offers freedom from several crimes and offers salvation

An individual who does worship of this Parad Shivlinga is able to be made free from a range of crimes particularly, the taking the life of a cow, the taking the life of a Brahmin, the taking the life of an infant and crimes of such sorts. The Praying and the doing of Worship of this linga on a regular basis and the doing of good karma is able to present a human being with salvation, which is also known as moksha.

It cures you of several diseases and bestows you with a strong spirit

This linga happens to also be really effectual for the curing of numerous sorts of diseases that include asthma, high blood pressure, and heart disorders. There is also another really vital aspect to it, which is that it helps in the development and increase of psychological power to achieve a strong determination and spirit. This is excellent for the development of one’s bodily health as well as the mind.

More benefits of Parad Shivlinga worship

Parad Shivlinga worship is going to complement the associations among all of the members of a family that includes a joint family and a nuclear family. This worship guarantees prosperity and peace in both such households.

What this worship does is do away with all of the wants. All of the human requirements of both such households are going to be presented to the households continuously.
This Shiv Linga is characterized by an enormous authority to induce the authority of Goddess Saraswati. How is this helpful? This is of great help to the studies of children. The reason is that Parad Shivlinga helps in

  • Purifying the mind
  • Controlling the emotions and
  • More significantly, rectifying Vedic Vastu.

Monday is the best time for Parad Shivlinga worship

We ought to do the worship of the linga on a Monday as this will bring about many changes. The changes will be evident in one’s Married life, wealth, service, associations, psychological and physical health. This also makes building abnormalities correct. A good instance is that it resolves Vastu dosha. This is of great importance as this dosha is able to have an effect on a family’s holistic development. Another effective role that this linga plays is in Vastu Sastra.


It is greatly recommended that every one of you keep with you an energized Parad Shivlinga for reaping the greatest amount of benefit from it. Individuals are always looking ahead to achievement in the materialistic humankind and after that via salvation (moksa). The worship of an Energised Parad Shivling presents this in entirety.

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