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The essence of Tantra & Mantra Courses in present times –

When most of the people think about Tantra, they normally imagine that this is about the advanced sexuality. But Tantra and Mantra have got to do with a great deal more than that. Tantra helps you to in reaching reintegration with the wholeness and highlighting life from the wholesome perception. But that does not mean that it ignores the sexuality and it actually helps you to learn the ultimate augmentation of sexuality in an entire sense. This is a basis of spiritual science, sexuality and relationships. Couples, as well as singles, can learn the tantra secrets of amazing lovemaking in this manner. If selected correctly, an online tantra course can easily lead to enhanced sex and happiness in one’s relationship.
There are several tantra courses on offer.

Tantra Course Syllabus for a Certificate Course – ( 6 Months )
  • The certification course teaches you the ultimate meaning and definition of Tantra and briefs you on Tantra and Veda.
  • They also provide the lessons of importance and significance of Tantra and its importance in Kali Yuga.
  • They teach you the types of tantra such as Bhairava Tantra, Rudra Tantra, and Shiva Tantra and more.
  • One will get to know the different rituals and practices of Tantra on doing such a course. He or she is going to know the entire procedure of Puja and have an understanding of Virachar, Pashachar and Divyachar.
Tantra Course Syllabus for a Diploma Course – ( 6 Months )
  • Tantra lessons for couples that are available online are of help in learning the basic holy concepts of this ancient art of love and life.
  • Such courses provide the lessons of a higher level of Puja.
  • Bira Chara in Kali Sadhana, which is actually known as the devotee’s prayers, is also provided to the learners.
  • Such a course offers the complete procedure of Purification of Mantras.
  • Along with Purascharan Procedure, which is a spiritual practice, such a course also teaches you the detailed process and description of Tara, Kali, and Shorashi.
Tantra Course Syllabus for a Degree course – ( 6 Months )
  1. In degree courses, one would be able to learn the procedure of Shab Sadhana, Shamsan and Chita.
  2. Due to kabach playing a vital role in Tantra, such courses also teach you the making of Kabach.
  3. Shat Chakra Kundalini Sadhana is also offered right through the Tantrik Divyachar.
  4. Couples, as well as singles, can learn how to improve their physical and emotional connections with each other without leaving their homes with the help of Bagalamukhi, uchchista Ganapati, and Chinnamasta, and Yogini Sadhana.
  5. You would be able to catch the philosophy of Yogini Sadhana while doing such a course.
Tantra Course Syllabus for a Masters Course – ( 6 Months )

This is the most feasible option for the busy people who are also on the lookout to bring in new life into their relationships. Masters courses offer ample effective syllabus to the learners. Some examples are :

  1. They teach you the entire details of Tantrik adwaitavada, Trika Philosophy and Tantrik Philosophy.
  2. Buddhism is also a significant part of such a course. Thus, it teaches Buddhist Tantra and Vajrayana.
  3. It presents you with a clear description and practice of Bhairavi Chakra and Tantrik Dasha Sanskara.
  4. It teaches you the law of inheriting property by the use of tantric rules.
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